Value Of Life…#2 – ‘Moments Earned Is More Valued Than Money Earned’

A week back I read this small story of a child and a father. It may be small but it left an impact much more than a small one.

It went on like this: The father was busy working on his laptop. The child came with a cute smile and asked his dad with the sweetest of his voice,”Dad, how much do you earn a day?” No dad would wish for such a question from their child but this man…he controlled his anger and with patience answered his child back saying he earned 5000 a day. The small child did his calculations and came with a rough figure of 200. But his face said that he wasn’t satisfied with this answer. So this time he asked,”Dad, can you give me hundred bucks?” The father couldn’t be patient any more and let out his anger. After a hard days work he wouldn’t be expecting such question and give his child hundred rupees for no use! He shouted back with all his anger. The innocent child said nothing and quietly walked back to his room.

Soon dad realized what he has done, he realized that due to this stressful life he shouted on his son for a wrong purpose and so he went back to his son. With a sweet smile he called his child and gave him the money he needed. The child with a sparkling face went to his room and came back with hundred bucks more and took hundred bucks from dad. This time his dad was even more angry. He shouted,”You already have 100 bucks and still you are asking for more. You don’t know how much of hard work is required to earn this money!” The child waited a while for his dad to calm down and said,”Dad, here is 200 bucks. Now can you please spend an hour with your family…….”

There were tears on that man’s eyes. He understood what his child’s point was! he hugged his child and made a promise to spend sufficient time with him.The truth is that after knowing about his dad’s salary the child made calculation and came to know that on an average basis his dad earned two hundred bucks an hour. He was short of hundred bucks so asked his dad for this amount. And after getting this amount he asked for that time which he missed all his life along!

The story itself says what a family wishes from the earning member. Sometimes we get so much engrossed in ourselves that we forget we even have a family to look after. We might satisfy the basic need of the family when food, shelter, clothing, etc are considered…but things may not be same when one thinks about the love gained, shared or given! I agree we can’t give all of our time to our family..But can’t we give regular time to them.It’s not money which gives ultimate happiness to one’s family rather the time spend together, those cheerful laughs we had together and those moments we were completely alive!

This child..he loved his dad just like any other son. But he didn’t receive the attention he deserved. His dad might have love him but he had to share it with him…until then it would remain as ‘Silent Love’.

I ask you a question..answer it if you can..Is money so much valuable that we can let go of that valuable time just to have a little more money? Its useless..completely useless!!! Trust me our family always wish to be with you and not that pile of money. And if you can trust me further you have to agree that it’s time which has more value when money is considered. After a hard day’s work we see that bed which calls us for a good sleep and gets the time which was to be spent with our family or friends. You need to overcome that stress and takes those necessary changes if you have to but please don’t loose that unique contact with the world outside your office life!

I ain’t saying that stop working and have fun with your family…It’s just that stop wasting all your time for money..your family needs your love, your that caring feeling, your time, they need You.

When you will be grown up and will be near to your death bed then you will realize…’past was the time when family needed me and now is the time when I need family…now when I need love, family’s busy and then when family needed that love..I was busy….’ Regretting then will be of no use..Change now if you wish to!

Someday you are gonna agree that…

‘Moments Earned Is More Valued Than Money Earned’ 🙂

Someone Said Time Is Money…Other Said Time Spent Earning Money Is Diamond…But I Said Time Spent Together Is Valued More Than Money Or Diamond..Its Heaven Out There… 🙂

-Mac 😉


Past..The Heaven For Me! :)

Sometime life takes you to such places from where you never wish to return. It is so enchanting and mesmerizing that you can’t even take a step back. Past for me is the heaven among  all those beauty!

In this so the present world where we can’t even take out some time for our family how can we even think that we would have a second for the past. Maybe for some past is not what they can even afford to have a look at. But what about others…can’t they take a break from this life and give some moments to the past. Sometime its past which can calm your mind, give you hope, give you inspiration, give you motivation, give you a chance to live those golden moments once again!

For elderly it might be your young years..for youngsters it might be those final days of your school…for teenagers it might be the first day of their school or the beginning of that epic friendship and for kids it might be their kindergarten days or those delightful time they spend with their those little toys. But with time as they say it turns into a history..where nobody enters until life makes you do so or you yourself wish to enter…..

Today we are so much engaged in ourselves that we forget we have a past which can give you the best feeling when lived again, can make you feel alive once again. It can give the best medicine when stressed…the best feeling when you miss your loved ones…the best company during loneliness…the best time…..when you don’t get a break. Its like entering a dazzling world ruled by you and where you can see the best of your emotions.

I am not asking or requesting that go and sit in the past but I am like just saying never forget the best and live it again and again from time to time because this is where you can feel the best any we all know past is what gives you today and what makes you future. Its no harm in giving it a chance 😉

Yesterday I passing my time while playing on my tab and when got tired with playing logged in my FB account…I opened the messages center and picked up someone with whom I had some of the best of my days and had a look from the beginning…I read some of them which made me feel alive again. I realized how I have changed…don’t know for the good or the bad..but I knew I have definitely changed! I know Change Is Constant but once in a while we must always visit our past… it is this place from where we have originated and arrived our present scenario

-Mac 😉

Give Love…Gain Love ;)

“People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. 
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. 
For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
-Mother Teresa 

2 weeks back while coming back from my tuition I saw a Auto rickshaw stick in a pit just 10 meters from the entrance. The man was trying to push it hard to get it out of the pit. He couldn’t switch on the engine. Most probably it was damaged or the fuel was out. Everyone over their just walked away and ignored the pain he was suffering. He asked everyone to help him but I think there was no humanity in them. They replied saying “Jao, Jao bhaiya..hume apna kaam karne do” (Go away and let us do our work). the man seemed helpless and frustrated. There were two cars who made their exit from our building only and were constantly creating noise pollution. The poor fellow tried his all strength this time and when he failed again he came to me and this time begged me, “Bhaiyaji please meri madat karo tho..ek hi minute ka tho kaam hai…bhaiyaji please”  (Please help is just a work of a minute..please help me) At least I had some humanity and hence without wasting or thinking over a moment  I went and helped this poor fellow. I used all my strength which when combined with this moved the auto rickshaw. You must have seen his face and eyes after my small help. he seemed so happy and cheerful. He moved it out of that lane; parked it towards one of a corner and wished me thank you. The two cars moved out and the persons sitting it it looked and me and gave me a big smile. I replied them with another big smile. I had balloons filled with happiness bursting within myself. It really was a good feeling.

In our daily life we sometimes share a little love by helping someone. We spread those big smiles filled with happiness on their faces. We might not realize but there are some who see our act of goodwill which may bring a smile on their faces. So by such acts we even gain a little love. Act of goodness is What gives you love. What makes you happy What makes other around you happy.

This video about giving a little love touched my heart. It shows what your act of goodness results into. It showed me what is giving a little love! It didn’t receive those many views and likes as much it should have. Each and every living person must have a look at it. It might restore the lost humanity in this self-centered world.

Remember – “Give A Little…And You Gain A little Love”


A Frosty Smile

A Frosty Smile

A smile..a bit of a laugh and some fun is all the world needs. This smile on a window pane during a cold foggy morning shows that just like a smile can be formed in the coldest of the place happiness and peace can be passed in the any pockets of the world.


Hey everyone!!

First of all happy new year in advance or belated….(As per when you read :P).

Its a new year ahead. Some consider it as just another day. For many its just party time! But there are even some for whom its a new day, a new month, a new year..with all new hopes and wishes. They plan to do something revolutionary this time..something which is going to change their life.

If you ask me let me be honest with you. For me of course just like any second guy it is a party time. But its not just a party. I believe its a day which i have got to remember till the end of my life! Its the last day..If you think for a moment you gonna realize its the last Monday of this year. I think you might feel I am a stupid! Everybody knows its the last Monday…but the thing is you never gonna live this Monday of this year ever again. So just party this day…..make it memorable…..make it worth it….!!! Live it in Gangnam Style! 😀 And don’t forget you are soon going to enter a new year. Inspire yourself with the best. Start this year with all new hopes, new wishes and remember you are living for someone…you are living for your family, for your loved ones, for your friends…You are living for yourself..So do a promise to yourself you are gonna make everyone proud…You are going to JUST LIVE IT!!! 

I am making a resolution this year. I am going to improve my English(Those who read my blogs..I think they can understand why :P)


P.S – Mac: Do say me your resolution, if you are ready to share it with me 😉

Heart Touchy Story

I won’t be saying anything for this short story. Judge it yourself..:)

A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call asap, changed his clothes & went directly to the surgery block. He found the boy’s father pacing in the hall waiting for the doctor. On seeing him, the dad yelled:

“Why did you take all this time to come? Don’t you know that my son’s life is in danger? Don’t you have any sense of responsibility?”

The doctor smiled & said:
“I am sorry, I wasn’t in the hospital & I came as fast as I could after receiving the call…… And now, I wish you’d calm down so that I can do my work”“Calm down?! What if your son was in this room right now, would you calm down? If your own son dies now what will you do??” said the father angrily

The doctor smiled again & replied: “I will say what Job said in the Holy Book “From dust we came & to dust we return, blessed be the name of God”. Doctors cannot prolong lives. Go & intercede for your son, we will do our best by God’s grace”

“Giving advises when we’re not concerned is so easy” Murmured the father.

The surgery took some hours after which the doctor went out happy,
“Thank goodness!, your son is saved!” And without waiting for the father’s reply he carried on his way running. “If you have any question, ask the nurse!!”

“Why is he so arrogant? He couldn’t wait some minutes so that I ask about my son’s state” Commented the father when seeing the nurse minutes after the doctor left.

The nurse answered, tears coming down her face: “His son died yesterday in a road accident, he was in the burial when we called him for your son’s surgery. And now that he saved your son’s life, he left running to finish his son’s burial.”

Moral-Never judge anyone….. because U never know how their life is & what they’re going through”

Value Of Life…#1 – ‘I have Lived It All’

I remember reading it on one of the Facebook pages. Its said the truth.. at least for me it did. It  made me realize that its not always luxury which keeps you happy all the time, rather its the happiness we find in those small little things which keeps you peaceful. Here’s that inspiring Status:

How strange it is…

We wish to earn loads of money, but we have the best of times only when we have just 10 bucks in pocket…    

We wish to wear high brands, but we feel most comfortable in pajama pants…

We wish to sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people, but we enjoy roadside vendor food with friends the most..

We wish to own big cars and go on long drives yet we talk our heart out only while walking down a long road…

We have 64gb i pods filled with songs, but sometimes a song on the radio brings a smile that can’t be compared…


Life is simple indeed…


We make it complex by running after what never gives us joy..


Love life…

Take note of small things…


For when u achieve the bigger ones, you can smile and say…


‘I Have Lived It All’ 🙂

‘Enjoy The Little Thing In life, For One Day You May Look At That And Realize That They Were The Big Things’